Welcome To The Pure Magic Lodge

Our goal is simple; whatever your desire, aspirations, dreams, goals and expectations, our promise is to ensure your experience with Pure Magic Achill is outstanding, fulfilling and unforgettable. Need we say more!

Our team has been dedicated involved in water sports for over ten years, and it has been this enthusiasm that we have had the opportunity to travel all over the world, discover amazing places, surf epic waves, meet incredible people and share many special moments. Born from these experiences was a dream to find our own little piece of paradise, a special Magic place somewhere in the world that would satisfy our thirst for all these sports and would also please the same need in the growing the water sports community. We have seen our fair share of places; Morocco, Brazil, the Philippines, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, France and many more.

However there was one place among all of them which resonated with our being, and that place was Achill Island!

Achill is magical and a paradise for kite surfers! Swept by the winds throughout the year, this is the first land mass in Europe to receive the wind from the Atlantic, and it blows! The island provides an endless list of spots from lakes to beach breaks and whatever your level, we will always find the right spot for you to suit the wind direction.

What if I do not kite surf we hear you say…no problem, perfection does not just come in the form of kite surfing.

In Achill you can do everything you want from Adrenaline pumping sports to more relaxed activities; kite surfing, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, sea kayaking, angling, horse riding, land yachting, walking, cycling, climbing, snorkelling are all within easy reach, this place has it all.

No place would be complete without that island vibe and ‘Achill’ has it in abundance. You know the feeling we are talking about, the sensation as you relax, unwind and unplug yourself.