“A friendship started in Ireland…”
Francois and Catherine met in Ireland in 2001 in Waterford. At that time Francois was finishing a Diploma in Carlow, and was giving his first kite lessons in Tramore with a certain Ed Humm from Ed’s Shed Surf shop. Once this year was complete for the 2 Frenchies, everyone either went home or travelling. Since that first meeting Catherine and Francois became great “buddies”. Catherine was involved in different businesses in Spain while Francois came back to Dublin for private reasons in 2005.

History said he was very sad as he thought Dublin was everything but good for Kiting. His only hope for satisfying his thirst of riding oceans was only travelling west or South. So the search of an Engineering job was waiting for him…But one day, after surfing the web with a real non-excitement, he found the local community website called Kitesurfing.ie

“Dollymount de mes reves”
On one of the posts, it mentioned a few boys going Kitesurfing in the city!!!!!!! A spot close enough to go by bus!! Francois was, as a cocky French, convinced that like anywhere in the world, such a spot would be dodgy, gusty and small. BUT it was worth a try and so decided to go, and what a REVELATION this was to be. With his bike he arrived on Dollymount beach, and got the vision: The beach was long, clean and quiet…He could not believe there was such a spot just next to the madness of the town, the traffic jam, the noise, the pollution…
From that particular day, The Beach bum life started again…it was just about Kitesurfing everyday…

“Norrin Radd Kiteboarding School”
Of course the Beach bum life has some limits, and let’s face it, in Dublin you do not live with just love and water…Very quickly introduced to the very small but friendly community, Francois met James Phelan who was running a weekend school in Dublin, NRK. He was helping during the lessons but very soon his vision and ambition brought him to take a U-turn and decided to set up his own school.

“The team work”
No money in the pocket, no problem, this is why we have some family! A winter to think about it and a team was made: Christophe the Brother was the investor and then the good old friend Catherine was the perfect match with Francois for setting up a shop and a proper centre. Plus someone who played a crucial role in Pure Magic: Hubert, the geek of the hometown gang, was going to put all his efforts and talents towards designing the brand and all the logos…Pure Magic was born!! 326 Clontarf Road in 10m2!! No need to say nobody could find us as we must have been during the first years THE SMALLEST KITE CENTRE IN THE WORLD!”…and at the first floor please!
However the view from our office was everything [;-)]

“The Evolution”
Since then, we have been teaching and bringing people into our culture, our team has grown and we have moved to bigger premises. We have been for more than 6 years leading the Kitesurfing Industry in Ireland and thanks to our customers, students and our growing team, we constantly try to improve and develop the Pure Magic in the country. The latest Baby has been the extension to the west with the Achill centre. We do not know yet where we will end up but our motivation, energy and passion is still the same as day one. It is all about having Fun and being part of something special, something MAGIC!