FAQ, Pricing & Conditions

01. Is Kitesurfing Easy?TOP

With good instruction, most people enjoy an incredibly fast learning curve. Without instruction, trying to learn kiteboarding can be frustrating and is very dangerous..

2. Are Pure Magic instructors certified?TOP

All senior instructors are certified by the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO), by the British Kitesurfing Association (BKSA)  or the Irish Kitesurfing Association (IKSA). All our senior instructors are also qualified first aiders.

3. Do I need to be in good shape to kitesurf?TOP

A basic level of fitness is all you need as our equipment can be adjusted to suit a broad range of physical abilities.

4. Why can’t I learn from a video, YouTube, the internet or a magazine?TOP

You can learn from a lot from other resources, but there is no substitute for having an instructor provide feedback, share local knowledge, maximise safety, customise instruction to your individual needs and part with years of experience and wisdom.

5. Do I need any skills before I can take a lesson?TOP

You should be able to swim and be confident in deep water.

6. What skills do you teach in your lessons?TOP
We follow the International Kitesurfing Organization program which is sectioned into skill levels 1, 2 and 3.
7. Do you conduct lessons year round?TOP

The shop is open all year round but January. Unless there is a strange weather pattern, we run our lessons from March till November. When it gets cold we recommend Land based lessons or private water based ones.

8. How many hours is your lesson program?TOP

Generally speaking a lesson is 3hrs if with another student or 2hrs if 1on1. Private lessons can be booked and a full course comprises of 4 sessions, though this does not mean you cannot book further lessons if you do not feel confident at this stage.

9. Can I complete the full package intensively, say over a weekend?TOP

Wind permitting, yes, with a session on the morning followed by lunch and then back to the water for the afternoon!! This is the Fast n Furious way! Time is love!

10. How many students are there in a class?TOP

We have a max of 2 pairs of students with 1 instructor. We feel that this is the best ratio for safety as well as learning. During the lesson, the 2 students will learn faster by watching and assisting each other and as the lesson progresses, the instructor will do less and less with the students doing everything on their own with supervision.

11. What equipment do you provide during the lessons? TOP

We will provide all the necessary equipment, from the ram air & LEI kites, to the harness, lifejacket, helmet, wetsuit and board, all safe and up-to-date, and last but not least: our big smile!

12. Can I use my own equipment during the lesson?TOP

For our lesson program, we usually use our equipment which has been tested to be safe and easy to learn on. After completing the course, you may choose to take private lessons to further your skills on your own equipment.

13. Will I be able to kitesurf after taking the course?TOP

During our lesson program, we will cover all of the skills necessary to become a safe and independent kitesurfer, but it is up to you to keep practicing. After the course, about 80% of the people can demonstrate the necessary skills and can go on to purchase their own equipment and practice on their own safely. However, some people may require more time to develop their skills and additional lessons may be needed.

14. Where do you provide your lessons?TOP

All our water based lessons are conducted on Dollymount Beach or Sutton Beach, both world class Kitesurfing spots…But Silence! nobody knows but you…and us!

15. What time do lessons take place?TOP

Anytime that suits you based on our teaching schedule and of course wind conditions, which we check and confirm with you prior.

16. How do make a reservation?TOP

When booking we ask for is a €50 deposit to secure your lesson and ask you to notify us at least 48hours before should you wish to reschedule or cancel.

17. What do I need to bring for the lesson?TOP

For the first hour (land based) we advise you wear comfortable clothes and footwear. For the water based lessons we provide wetsuits if you need one. Perhaps bring sun screen for the hot Irish sun and we welcome hot whiskey for those brisk days.

18. I can wake board; will I be able to pick up kitesurfing really quick?TOP

Although a wakeboarding background is helpful, kitesurfing is all about kite control and you will have to learn the skills necessary to safely control the kite.

19. Do you rent kites or boards?TOP

Yes we do and can be organised through the activities manager. Independent Level is required.

20. Do I need insurance?TOP

No, As an internationally recognised school through the IKO governing body, all our students are covered by indemnity insurance during the lesson.

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Booking &Cancellation Policy

There is a 48hrs cancellation policy for all  Classes, Lessons, & Day Camps. Any cancellation made before this time will receive a full credit for more Classes, Lessons & Day Camps. Once within the cancellation period (48hrs), there will be no transfers, reschedules, or refunds allowed (full refunds will be made only if Pure Magic is forced to cancel a program). PLEASE NOTE: The cancellation deadline is determined by the starting time of the activity. There is no refund or Name Exchange of Lessons and Vouchers. Please check the validity with our team.