Our Goal: To empower, motivate and inspire you to become an independent kite surfer and to ensure your experience with Pure Magic is fulfilling and memorable.

So what does it mean to empower, motivate and inspire?

Pure MagicWell it means having only the best qualified instructors and the latest equipment to learn on. It means feeling safe and secure within your environment and being around people who are passionate and genuinely interested in you progressing.
It means getting out there and having an awesome time even when the weather is rubbish, a smile and a mentor. It means commitment and perseverance, to exceed your expectations and to push you beyond your limits. It means having patience, to be able to observe, listen and communicate.
It means to be professional, courteous and dignified, and above all else, it means to give you all the fundamental key skills required to become a confident and independent kitesurfer.

What you can expect from a kitesurfing course?

  • Theoretic conditions, spot assessment & wind window
  • First piloting of a ram air kite (2 line)
  • LEI (leading edge inflatable & 4 line) setup & terminology
  • Assisted launching & landing
  • Safety systems, how to use the eject release & recover the bar
  • First piloting of LEI kite (4 line) with specific drills within the wind window
  • How to re-launch the kite from the water
  • Body dragging & drills thru the wind window via specific kite manoeuvres (figure 8’s, power stroke)
  • How to control the kite with one hand when walking upwind
  • Up-wind body drag & board recovery
  • Full deep water pack down with kite recovery & self rescue
  • Theory of board start incl. board & body position and position of kite within wind window
  • Practical first attempts at board start
  • Independent launching & landing.

After the full course you will be considered an independent rider, though this does not mean that you will necessarily be riding off into the sunset. What it does mean is that you have taken a foundation course, learnt all the essential skills needed including safety management and are now considered independent enough to practice and eventually become a fully fledged rider. It is only then that you will fully appreciate and enjoy the amazing sport of kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing FAQ’s