Our Team

The Pride of Puremagic…The Passion…The Energy…: OUR TEAM

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Francois Colussi (aka COCO, Mr Magic, owner)

Originally from Picardie in northern France, François considers himself (aside from his accent) as a Dollymount native. He started windsurfing and surfing when he was 15 before taking up kitesurfing and travelling the world in search of the best spots. His love for water sports brought him to Ireland for the first time 10 years ago and he decided to set up Pure Magic in Clontarf in 2006 to avoid working as an engineer in an office job….that’s where his beach bum lifestyle started. Since then his inspiration and vision bring Pure Magic onwards in a constant evolution. When he is not on the water you can find him practicing guitar and accordion, or trying to fix of one his many vintage cars!

Catherine ( aka Cat or Catcat, owner)

The pure sweet soul of Pure Magic, Catherine represents the mamma in Dublin! Born in Brittany, she has travelled the world discovering new cultures and meeting new friends before settling down in Clontarf and teaming up with Francois at the very start of the Pure Magic Experience. Highly qualified in commercial trade and marketing, she is the back bone, (and what a lovely backbone) of the Pure Magic Family. She is of course fond of water sports and you can see her on Dollymount showing that Girls rip on the water!! Catherine loves Music, good food and has a special passion for Morocco.

Christophe (aka the CEO, to please his Ego needs, owner)

Christophe is the other half of Francois. He now lives between Brittany and Carlow, and has been involved in Pure Magic since day one, as he foresaw a great way not to pay any money for his gear. His style has no comparison worldwide and his legendary enthusiasm shines on any spot even if its cloudy! You can find him sometimes back on Dolly when he is not in France looking after his 2 girls; Catia (wife) and Ciara (daughter [;-)]. You may also find him trying to play Guitar with a glass of wine…or two.

Christophe (aka Totoff)

Totof spends more time on Dollymount than any other kiter in Dublin, he knows every inch of it like the back of his hand. From a very professional horse riding background in France, he decided to visit Pure Magic to learn English…Result: his English hasn’t improved and he is still here after 4years!! [;-)] His legendary patience and quietness (aka the quiet man) brings to the Team a real sense of balance. He is the man behind all the new students who start with us, and he is a great coach for all the new instructors. His love for soccer and horse riding is quite impressive, as much as his passion for the lager between Friends. When Christophe is not teaching you can find him repairing something somewhere, because at Pure Magic there is always something to repair somewhere!



Sean Murphy

seanSean is probably one of the best rider in Ireland, and one of the nicest kid you could meet: passionate, kind and friendly, you would not believe how hardcore he gets once he s on the water! We are very happy to have him on our team for 2013 as he is a great ambassador for the sport since he was 13! Sean rides for Best Kiteboarding and Ronix. Meet on Dolly any windy day…but dont try to do his trick!!!




Carl Jordan (aka CJ)

DSC_0125Carl is one of the Top instructors coming during some weekends to give a hand for the Kite lessons. He is from Dublin and his energy and passion for kiting will keep you entertained for hours! Carl love’s good food, good wine, and good company! You can always find him near the good looking ladies…




Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 01.37.38Unfortunately there is no word to describe Dj manu…Like Puremagic he is UNIQUE!!! Not really the Soul, but more the RYthm&soul behind Puremagic, Dj manu can awakes dead people or keep awake ANYTHING! This can be painful sometimes but at the end of the day Djmanu is another of our great teammate and beside his well known kindness and generosity, his passion for kiting has no boundaries…a bit like his safety zone. Djmanu has no real sponsors, they are all deaf at the moment! Everyone loves Djmanu…and we are the




Jade O’Connor  jadeoconnor.ie | Pure Racing

  Jade is THE machine…No compromise, no mercy!!! Behind the cool chill out lovely smile, the GIRL is A KILLER! She is by far the best RACEboarder in Ireland and represents our team on the World Tour. For Jade, Kitesurfing is everything BUT cruising around: fast, faster, the fastest one!  Check her fantastic blog to follow her quest to the world title or maybe one day the olympics! Beside an artist on the water, Jade is a real magician for websites ;-) and loves SUP…and few pints too!


Jennifer Blayney

Screen shot 2011-06-01 at 13.32.04Jennie is Miss kindness! And you can feel that when she is on the water! Stylish and smooth,  Jennie rides all over the world but her favourite spot is Dollymount! She is a great Ambassador of what Puremagic is about: sharing is Caring! and she does also care about the colors of her kites and boards, Kiteboarding fashionista yes she sure is! Keep riding Smooth Jennie! Jennifer is sponsored by Shinn boards


James Hayden

Screen shot 2012-05-31 at 11.10.51James is one our youngest team rider and beside a certain quietness on the sand, you can be sure he is always the first one to through some stupid stuff on the water to impress the public! Everyone will remember his show-off during Battle for the Lake 2012 jumping over the crowds!!! James loves french people and is attracted by Laws… Good luck boy! James is sponsored by NorthKiteboarding



Eoghan Turley

Screen shot 2012-05-31 at 09.04.09

Well Mr Turley is another of these talented diamonds Puremagic has! Extremely powerful style Kitesurfer, Eoghan lives in Sutton and spends many hours on Dollymount training harder and harder…No compromise: he loves his Freestyle and when it comes to go big the Boy goes for it! Eoghan rides for Bestkiteboarding and Xenon, You can find him this summer training in Dakhla… Beside some strange habit hugging everyone at prize givings, Eoghan follows the steps of Francois on the MC career: the boy has a big VOICE…





Screen shot 2012-05-31 at 16.27.33Another uniqueness in our Magic team: we have our own Doc Love! Daren, originally from Mauritius, is now a Dollymount local! He is full passionate about the watersports and his surgeon skills are always very helpful for our A-Team! You can find Daren driving his nice BMW open roof even when it is raining, cause for Doc Love everyday is a sunny day!  Daren rides NorthKitebaording and Xenon. He is passionate for bath robes and good wine.

J.J. (aka GEGE, The Pianist, SUPman, CoolbananaMan)
His passion for kiting is such that he would never be able to teach during a windy day, as it would break his heart! This is why he oriented himself towards a non windy activity= Stand-up Paddle board! He is the man that started the paddle at Pure Magic with Francois. His legendary albeit strange laugh will haunt your nights forever. JJ is a professional musician and very talented video editor. One of his biggest passions is of course his wife and private Masseuse Sarah [;-)]


The BAd boys and Girls:  the ones who always will be part of the Family but travel around the world: Piercy Boy, Diarmuid Higgins, Ross Harte, Adam McdoWell,Rob Cooper, Denise DaFunkyMama, Ludovic Person, Kagoon, Dominikia Kupciw and many more we are sorry not to mention… Great Ambassadors for the sport and Puremagic teammates. Wherever they are now, we know they enjoy it and wish them to keep living the dream!