Welcome To Pure Magic Dublin

Pure Magic is more than a business, more than a Kite shop or a school. We are a family which opens our door, our home and our passions to you! Even though it’s quite a stereotype, we actually believe in our Pure Magic Lifestyle!

From the first moment you meet any of us, you will understand the passion and motivation we all share.
Sharing is caring. Sharing is everything.

We love putting all our efforts towards the same goal; sharing special moments and of course these moments we love ourselves. It could be a lesson, it could be a trip in SUP or it could be an event. The whole idea of Pure Magic is about SHARING OUR PASSION.

Obviously, to do so, we also believe in providing Excellence and Experience to each of our student-customer-guest. This is why we have always been working to the best standards with the best team, equipment and philosophy.

We, at Pure Magic, also believe strongly in the community. The Irish community involved in all the water sports has been growing day after day and this is a point of great pride and to be part of this development. Ireland is a unique place in the world for that there is nowhere better to make friends on the beach or on the water.

So join our big FAMILY!!!!