Dollymount Beach

Dollymount Kite Zone
About: The Main Kitesurfing Spot In Dublin, On A Good Weekend Attracting 100+ Kiters, From Beginner’s to Pro’s All Out Enjoying Some Amazing Conditions In Shallow Water

Best Directions: NE, E, SE, S

Best Tides: All Tides

Hazards: Rocks At Back Of Beach, Special Care Needed During High Tide and/or Onshore (South Easterly) Winds

Launch / Land Zone: Inside The Yellow Pole Markers At The Wooden Bridge End Of The Beach (South End)

View On Google Maps: Dollymount

Sutton Beach

About: On The Right Day, There Isn’t A Nicer or Prettier Kite Spot In The World, Hard To Believe Your Only A Few Miles From The Hustle And Bustle Of City Life

Best Directions: NNW, N, NE, E

Best Tides: 1 or 2 hrs either side of low tide

Hazards: Strong Tidal Flow, And Old Drainage Pipe That Can Sometimes Be Submerged

Launch / Land Zone:Watch JJ’s Video Above

View On Google Maps: Sutton

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