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Simplicity & Authenticity!

The Restaurant at the Lodge became an instant success when it first opened under Alex LeVieux who brought his recipe for home-made bread and pizza the restaurant. Thanks to the help of Foued Belabbas, chef from Bay restaurant Dublin, who helped us to design our first menu and lodge soon started attracting foodies from all walks of life. In 2010 in the same year the restaurant opened, the Pure Magic Pizza was nominated for best pizza in Ireland in the Irish Times Newspaper competition. Nowadays chef Jimmy Brossier has taken over the reigns and manages our lovely Pure Magic kitchen team.

Magic Food

Firmly committed to supporting sustainable local Irish produce, our menu ranges from French gastronomy to the magic pizzas with their freshly made bases, from more traditional food and our world class deserts, the carte du jour is sure to delight your taste buds.

Accompanied with a glass of vino from our handpicked selection of house wines, a nice craft beer from Mayo or a bottle of Bubbly, the sound of a crackling fire, the ambient music, entertainment on the projector screen from film noir to cartoons to extreme sports movies and the charming service from our magic waiters & waitresses.

If you are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or an engagement, let us know and we will arrange something extra special. Likewise, if you have dietary requirements, let us know and we can inform the chef or simply notify us at the time of booking.


made with love

Coffee Shop

Open for lunch, it is the perfect opportunity to grab a bite after an active morning or before heading out for an action packed afternoon. From Panini to homemade soups, or maybe desert with a cappuccino from our Italian coffee machine, we have just what the doctor ordered to leave you feeling replenished and ready for the rest of the day ahead. The coffee shop is now open only from Friday to Sunday.


little pleasure


No Irish getaway would be complete without its live music, and here at Pure Magic we have a budding array of musical talent and instruments from singers, guitarists and pianists to the harmonica, didgeridoo, barone, bongos and the accordion, it is a spectacle to be heard. We welcome and encourage anyone, especially our guests to bring their own instruments and to take the floor, as often is the case. Do not be surprised if everyone breaks out into an ensemble, as the evening often concludes with a jam session and it is truly a remarkable experience to witness such a splendid assortment of instruments together (ear plugs not included).

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