MYSTIC Men Majestic Vest Neo 2014

MYSTIC Men Majestic Vest Neo 2014

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Even though Mystic Majestic Neo Tops are mostly used in warm water, they can be used very versatile to react to changing weather conditions.åÊ

It‰۪s a clever way to quickly add some extra warmth when it‰۪s getting a bit chilly or cloudy.

åÊThey offer more heat retention compared to rashguards and feel extremely comfortable due to the super stretchy 2.0 mm M-Flex Neoprene.

åÊOf course they provide 100% UV protection and help reduce rash and pressure marks from a harness or lying on a surfboard.

åÊIt even works great as an additional layer of Neoprene underneath your wetsuit when extra warmth is needed.


åÊHigh Neck

Flatlock Construction - flexible, non irritating seams

  • SnugFit - with super stretch, can be worn underneath wetsuit
  • Free Movement Panels
  • Fully Glued and Blind-Stitched Water Sealing:
    The edges of the neoprene panels are covered with a highly adhesive, UV resistant contact glue which needs to dry for a few minutes. Then the glue is applied a second time to make it more sticky. Once the corresponding parts of the neoprene edges are put together by hand and then firmly squeezed with an electric pressing tool cm by cm to achieve the high tearing strength, the seams are stitched on the inside with a special blind-stitch sewing machine. A curved needle pokes through the neoprene layer and applies an elastic seam on the outside. By using this technique, the seam is highly tear proof, elastic and completely watertight and provides insulation and comfort.

  • M-Flex Neoprene:
    M-FLEX (TRI SPAN) provides 60% Stretch. The most flexible neoprene in our range. M-flex gives maximum flex and durability. This lining has multiple advantages. Most noticeable is the stretch capability. For example a 3mm TRI Span arm panel can easily stretch up to twice its original length. Furthermore the lining is made more durable by cross weaving, is therefore able to stretch evenly in all directions and feels soft on the skin.

  • Super Soft - Warm inside and robust outside
  • UV Sunshield Protection - Prevents you from sunburn in the shiniest of conditions.
  • Seamless Back Panel - to ensure little or no friction between your harness and the top, to help prevent skin irritation and rashes.
  • Liquid S-Seams:
    A rubber coating applied over the GBS seam. The Liquid S-seam gives the suit a high-end finish that is both durable and waterproof keeping even more water out.