PURE MAGIC 12hr Kitesurfing Lesson Voucher (Full Package)

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Now we talk serious: If your dream is to go on your own, then Jump with us during those 4x3H sessions

the whole course is designed to introduce you all the basics that you will need to fly on your own, little wing! From the trainer kite to the bodydraggings, from the set-up of your kites to the first rides on the Board the goal is clear: to become a Responsible Kitesurfer!


The Experience

Receive 12 hours of Kite Surfing Lesson at Dublin's nicest beach Dollymount, or Achill. Learn it from scratc.  Dependent on your current proficiency you will join a small group up to four people of a similar level to make the most of your Kite Surfing Lesson. Throughout your lesson you will be given a range of tools to become a Kite Surfer or to refresh and enhance your skills. Discuss your ideas for the most spectacular and advanced tricks.
All equipment like safety gear (lifejacket and helmet), twin tip boards and kites, will be provided. The kites which are available vary from trainer kites, 4-line and 5-line inflatable kites in all sizes from 2m2 to 15 m2 and twin-tip boards. We will find the kite which suits you best. Just bring your smile! The further you are in the progression of the full package the more dependent you will become: At Pure Magic we do not do everything for you, YOU will, thanks to all those tools we will give you!

Vital Information

You should be at least 13 years old. You are kindly asked to bring your own wet suit if you have one. There will also be the possibility to get a wet suit free of charge if required.

The Weather

Our Kite Surfing Lesson in Dublin is dependent on the weather. Please call our centre for further information (018054912)

Session Length

The entire experience will last 12 hours (1 full weekend or you can spread any way you wish) where Experience Hunters will be given instructions and time to play.


A maximum of 4 people per instructor is our ratio. For Bigger groups please contact us!

Dress Code

For the Kite Surfing Lesson it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Please bring your own wet suit if you have one. You can get one for free if you need it. We recommend also sun glasses and sun cream for the dry run, as you will spend a lot of time in the hot Irish sun.  


Our fun 12 hours Kite Surfing Lesson in Dublin is available from March to November  from Tuesday to Sunday


Dublin and Achill Island, Ireland