Duotone Kiteboarding Young Blood Camp!

Mighty almighty times at our Duotone Kiteboarding International/Duotone Kiteboarding UK Young Blood Camp on Dollymount!
As it was a reschedule event all the kids could not make it ( leavening cert nooooo) but we had such an amazing time with the crew!!!
Superstar Sean Murphy joined us to inspire the next generation!
The session was a mix of safe and tech talks and of course some massive improvements on the water!
As soon as we reached the water a nice gust of 35knots + blasted us all,
average weight of the young riders :25kg
Ahahha it was a great warm up! Boummmm straight into the game!
All the kids did very well and the level is very high!!!! Watch out for the Battle for the lake Achill Island!!!
Well done to the parents who came to help as well!
More videos and photos on our insta page @lifeispuremagic