Learn how to Wingfoil with us!!

Come and learn the best sport in the whole world, Wingfoiling will give you wings, are you ready to Fly? It is the most incredible sensation and one of the most accessible and impressive water-sports to learn.  Dublin is one of the best place in the world to do it! All you need is wind, long beaches and thats all!

We now teach in Dun Laoghaire (NEW- Boat Assistance- Showers- Changing rooms- Café)

After only one lesson you can be out on the water riding with the wind on a SUP board. Then the next step will be the Foiling world... Magical it is!

From total beginner level to we have you SORTED right here, in Dublin! We have been the first guys to wing in Ireland and we just looovvvveeeeeee it, We played and tested many toys and technic... it is now your turn!



Semi Private 2H


You know you want it! Jump in our boat and lets
go wild! Try the incredible feeling of riding with your Wing in Dun
Laoghaire at our Special Residence in the wonderful INSS! Be ready!

Very limited Group Size ( max 3 students per boat) in very safe and flat waters

€150 (2H)

Private 1-2-1


Get a 1-2-1 lesson with one of our top instructors! From total beginner to freestyle Wing moves and waveriding.

There is no limitations to what we can do and where we do it! Ask for our downwinders or Bay crossings as well!Fast n furious!

€200 ( 2h)

Tow-in Foil Session


Lets work on this foil! We focus on how to lift the board behind the boat. Its very easy and feels incredible. Then you can try the rope with a very big foil to give you your first taste of flying

Perfect no wind option

€150 ( 3x20min)

After couple of lessons, you will be considered an independent rider, though this does not mean that you will necessarily be riding off into the sunset. What it does mean is that you have taken a foundation course, learnt all the essential skills needed including safety management and are now considered independent enough to practice and eventually become a fully fledged rider. It is only then that you will fully appreciate and enjoy the amazing sport of Wingsurfing.



Whatsapp us on 0851056344 or Email us for any question you have about WINGING!


YESSSS!!! And nooo...

With good instruction, most people enjoy an incredibly fast learning curve. You will need to commit first and sometimes you need to be patient for the right conditions

At the beginning you may go downwind very quickly and this is why we decided to use Safety boat so you do not waste any energy walking back all the time.

Wingfoiling is still pretty safe and easy. It worth it!

No! Do not Worry. You do not need any background to learn this sport, only the ability to swim! Of course a Kite Foiler will get it much quicker than someone who never used the wind but the progression will be adapted to your background. We usually recommend a SUP Session as intro and maybe couple of rentals on the same SUP for total novices and then Lets go on the foil and this becomes the real deal! Everyonecan wing!

Since 2023 We now teach Wingsurfing and Wingfoiling in Dun Laoghaire, in collaboration with our friends from INSS.

Accessible via Dart and close by the city centre, we have access to changing rooms, showers cafe and all the Safety Boats

Well we love this new sport and it adds another way to enjoy the oceans. the great thing about winging is that its very safe and you can do it in so many places including lakes. There is no limit! And its also a fun sport to start with a group of friends!